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Company Philosophy

At Legacy, the key to our success is our Agent Partners and our people. We recruit and employ only the most talented, experienced, and customer-service-focused personnel that wish to grow with our company. We seek to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our highly valued Agency Partners. We work closely with our producers to develop products that are attractive and competitive in the marketplace which ensure bottom-line profitability for our business partners. Our ability to react quickly to market changes positions us well ahead of our competition.

Our business development team will bring value into the offices of our producers by training their agents and developing programs that are attractive to the end consumer. The extraordinary handling and servicing of the policies by our underwriting team enables us to build long-term Agent partnerships that endure the test of time. Simply stated, we leverage our people, products and relationships to provide our valued Agent Partners with competitive products and superior service that consistently produce profits for all stakeholders.

Legacy is 100% dedicated to our Independent Agent Partners as we do not sell direct! All of our products are sold exclusively through professional Independent Insurance Agents.